Mockingbird Society

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Please consult the Mockingbird Society Brand User Guide before using these brand assets.
Download PDF: pdfMockingbird Brand User Guide pdf6.53 MB10/01/2019
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 Mockingbird Society Corporate Colors:

   Pantone 527  75C 100M  102R 45G 145B  #662d91
   Pantone 166  65M 100Y  244R 121G 32B  #f47920
   Pantone 298  72C 7M 9Y   0R 179G 217B  #00b3d9
   Pantone 382  30C 90Y 190R 215G 71B  #bed747
   Pantone Cool Grey 3  8C 5M 7Y 6K  202R 202G 199B  #c7c9c8

Logos with tagline:

aiMockingbirdLogoCMYKTag.ai1.05 MB

pngMockingbirdLogoCMYKTag.png545.25 KB

aiMockingbirdLogoBlackTag.ai1.04 MB

pngMockingbirdLogoBlackTag.png464.95 KB

aiMockingbirdLogoWhiteTag.ai1.02 MB

pngMockingbirdLogoWhiteTag.png97.22 KB


 Logos without tagline:

aiMockingbirdLogoCMYK.ai1.01 MB

pngMockingbirdLogoCMYK.png350.48 KB

aiMockingbirdLogoBlack.ai1.01 MB

pngMockingbirdLogoBlack.png298.72 KB

aiMockingbirdLogoWhite.ai1015.43 KB

pngMockingbirdLogoWhite.png57.10 KB


Program Logos:

aiProgramLogosnoFont.ai1.05 MB

pngProgram-PublicPolicy.png334.41 KB

pngProgram-YouthAdvocates.png329.35 KB

pngProgram-YouthNetwork.png382.99 KB

pngProgramFamily.png383.41 KB

pngProgramLogosnoFont1.png126.46 KB


Cropped Bird Icons:

zipCropped_Birds.zip1.48 MB

pngBlue.png178.35 KB

pngGreen.png251.16 KB

pngGrey.png252.69 KB

pngOrange.png249.70 KB

pngPurple.png270.36 KB

pngPurpleRaised.png447.26 KB