Equipped Church


Brand Matters!
The Equipped Church brand is a fundamental vehicle for consistent communication. It really matters that we ensure correct usage of the Equipped Church brand elements.

Please download and use the elements under the "Uploads" tab only. Do not try recreate the logo or use a different logo type.  Please review the Equipped Church Brand User Guide below!

Brand User Guide:

pdfEquipped Church User Guide PDF  |  [DOWNLOAD]1.05 MB

Equipped Church Logo Colors:

  Pantone 2388 100C 70M 0R 90G 170B #005AAA
  Pantone Cool Gray 3 8C 5M 7Y 16K 202R 202G 199B #C7C9C8
Equipped Church Font:
The Equipped Church logo font is called ComfortA, regular, bold, and light. Please do not use any other font for promotional communication.

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Logo Black

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Black Square Format

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Black Horizontal Format

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Black Icon

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Logo Blue

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Blue Square Format

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Blue Horizontal Format

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1200px PNG pngBlueHoriz1200.png34.26 KB

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10000px PNG pngBlueHoriz10000.png418.59 KB

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Blue Icon

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Logo White

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White Square Format

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White Horizontal Format

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1200px PNG pngWhiteHoriz1200.png35.30 KB

2000px PNG pngWhiteHoriz2000.png59.05 KB

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White Icon

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